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Aspects of Embryology, presented by Professor Kevin Keay

Continuing Education Embryology Kevin Keay

AAAP Continuing Education Day:
Aspects of Embryology
Presented by Professor Kevin Keay

PAST EVENT. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Date: Saturday 11th May 2013
Time: 9am to 6pm
Location: AcuEnergetics® Clinic, 372 Darling St, Balmain
Cost: $130 (PAST EVENT - tickets no longer available)

As part of the AAAP's ongoing commitment to provide quality training to our members, we are pleased to announce 'Aspects of Embryology'. This full day workshop will examine in depth how our our bodies develop from two cells coming together at conception and grow into a complete human being.

Professor Kevin Keay (aka Gyan) is a Professor of Anatomy, Histology and Neuroscience at Sydney University and has worked with the AAAP and AcuEnergetics® for several years. He is a gifted teacher who loves to combine his intricate knowledge of physical anatomy and physiology with the energetic structure of the body. This day is not to be missed!

Practitioners: your attendance will be attributed towards your compulsory annual two days of Continuing Education for 2013. This is to maintain the high standard of knowledge across the entire Practitioner group, share new treating knowledge, increase AcuEnergetics® credibility as a modality and maintain professional standards.

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