Welcome to the AAAP!
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Welcome to the new Board for 2016-2017!

At the Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 7th September 2016 the Board was elected for the coming 2016 – 2017 term.

Lead by Marliesa Peitzman as President, supported by Kate Kooper, Jennifer Clark and Vicki Falconer as Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively, this next term's focus will be on Automation and Impact.

What a great team! Looking forward to seeing what we will all achieve together.


Marliesa Peitzman, President
Kate Kooper, Vice President
Jennifer Clark, Secretary
Vicki Falconer, Treasurer
Andrea Conin
Brian Beveridge
Emma Ekholm
Estelle Fong
Kimberley Campbell-Zelnter
Luke Smith
Rochelle Taylor, School Representative

Get to know your new Board: Meet the Board 2016-2017

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