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Continuing Education Presenters

Calling all senior practitioners!

This year the AAAP would like to shake things up a bit for Continuing Education (CE) by creating space for all senior practitioners to share their experiences and connect with our community of fellow practitioners and the school, at the same time as creating and delivering valuable Continuing Education for our students and practitioners in Australia and abroad.

You can contribute with as little as 3 hours or as long as a full day. The AAAP will pay presenters for their time on the day of the presentation.

Here is the process:

  1. Simply articulate your idea for a CE session in a couple of paragraphs and submit it to vp@aaap.org.au
  2. You will be invited to develop a course outline and a questionnaire for attendees to complete and submit after the event; this will confirm they have taken away the key points from your CE session. The school will review your course outline and questionnaire and chat with you if necessary about your thinking, approach and treating method.
  3. Once that process is complete you will be asked to complete the course notes and based on your notes, the School will determine the CE points they will award to attendees.
  4. Finally, the AAAP will work with you to schedule an appropriate date to present your CE session and organise the day. All CE sessions will be delivered in person and live streamed or recorded or both.

This is a great way to:

  • Share your experience and give back to your community
  • Achieve and maintain connection with the school’s current direction, treating approach and methodology
  • Develop an alternative revenue stream
  • Work directly with the school
  • Develop your own understanding
  • Raise your profile and market your business in our community

Some information to guide your thinking...

  • Continuing Education (CE) will earn points for attendees only when it presents exclusively AcuEnergetics® based solutions in treatment that are up to date and aligned with the current techniques and methodology employed by the School, bearing in mind that AcuEnergetics® is not a static modality, but an evolving one. The aim of the process for developing a continuing education session outlined above will guide potential CE presenters to ensure this is the case.
  • Keeping up to date with the school is important. This may be achieved by attending or viewing courses and passing criteria where applicable or by maintaining a functional relationship with the school in other ways including by developing continuing education sessions.
  • Our desired outcome is that AcuEnergetics® means the same thing globally. And aligning Continuing Education days with the school is one way to maintain standard approaches to treatment by Practitioners with the school in Balmain especially with that of the founder, Kevin Farrow.



The AAAP team