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AAAP Open Door Policy

As advocates for AcuEnergetics® Practitioners, Wellness Balancers and students, the Open Door Policy allows the AAAP to represent you on issues faced as individuals along your AcuEnergetics® journey as well as broader issues experienced within the school. The AAAP Open Door Policy enables you to be heard in an official capacity when sharing feedback and discussing any issues, concerns, challenges or opportunities that may arise.

Who is the Open Door Policy for?
The Open Door Policy is for all AAAP members.

How do I make contact via Open Door Policy?
You can email your feedback to info@aaap.org.au or reach out to your Board representatives.

What happens after I submit my feedback?
Correspondence will be acknowledged within one week and responded to within six weeks. It is recommended you include your contact details so we can respond to you directly. You may make contact anonymously however please be aware this means you will not get a personal reply. All feedback will be officially logged with the AAAP, as will the outcomes.

Although specific outcomes cannot be guaranteed, the AAAP places great important being actively engaged and building the AcuEnergetics® community. As such, all feedback will be taken seriously and handled with integrity.